SUPREMEeX is a Philadelphia-based producer stacking his chips and eating swordfish. He built this webpage for you so you can check out all the lovely sounds and visuals. So drop him a line and buy some of his stoof.  

Slap Magazine
October, 2000
Review By Nate Denver

Tajai, Colm, SUPREMEeX

It goes like this: Tajai from Souls of Mischief rhymes as The Entity, a hologram that has gained consciousness in the Wired World and embarks on a mission to destroy mankind. The kid behind www.hieroglyphics.com plays SUPREMEeX and helps The Entity along the way while also providing beats. Two more MCs, Shing02 and Major Terror, make brief but strong appearances on the EP, and each of the four characters has an incredible full color trading card with bio information designed by artist, Colm.

Simply stated, "PROJECTO : 2501" is dope. The beats are rugged, the rhyming of course is top notch, the artwork is dope, and most important, the manner in which these three elements combine to form a complete narrative is nothing short of inspiring. Each song is preceded by a series of vocal samples taken from movies, anime, miscellaneous interviews, and wherever else to advance the story of a hologram achieving consciousness and setting out to destroy its creators. It took me about three listens before I really felt this baby and now I can't stop listening to it. The record will be released first and feature five songs, the CD will contain one bonus track, and both will come packaged with two of the four trading cards. - ND


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