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Slap Magazine
"The Machines Will Rise Up - The Making of '2501'"
October, 2000
Written By Nate Denver

Projecto : 2501
Stinke aka SUPREMEeX (Beats, Concept)

SLAP: What was the process in making this record?

STINKE: It was a lot of fun, but very tough work. The concept began in March of 1999 when I was approached by my homie Jack Boogie at Footwork Illadelph to do a song for a compilation they had in the making. I sent two beats to Tajai and asked if he would be down to maybe do a freestyle. Tajai sent me back a DAT with a full song on it, which would later become "Authentic Intelligence". I gave it to Boogie and I thought that was the end. Tajai called me back a few weeks later and said, "Let's make a whole album based off that song." We brainstormed and came up with a story which would become "2501". I placed the samples throughout the record to help push the story along, and we mapped out character backstories for The Entity and SUPREMEeX so we could find the essence of where the record should go. Five months into the recording of the record, Colm, who I had known from the Hiero Hoopla board at hieroglyphics.com, sent me some really good artwork, and I knew his style would fit "PROJECTO" like a glove. For nine months we fleshed out the four main characters of "PROJECTO" as well as a front cover illustration. He brought my visions for the characters to life, and I couldn't be happier with the artwork. By the time we finished the character artwork, the record had been recorded, mixed and mastered for five months. It's been a very intensive and intricate part of the project. I didn't want to rush anything, and I believe we have something truly special here.

SLAP: If you could implement a function of a robot into your being, what would it be?

STINKE: Transformation. I look at skyscrappers and I'm like, "Those things are giant robots waiting to transform." That's really all I see. I'd like to be able to transform, or simply have a suit I could use in the meantime to transform.

SLAP: Do you think robots will ever fight back and eat us?

STINKE: Humans will transcend the ape-man shell and simply become pure energy. Synchronize. It'll probably start out with some cybernetic shit -- eye replacements, limb replacements, etc. DNA is becoming translated into digital code. It's not so unheard of to think that a human can map out his DNA in binary code, upload it to the computer, and truly surf the net.

Tajai (MC)

SLAP: Do you prefer writing lyrics for a specific character / project like to battle lyrics? Does the writing process vary?

TAJAI: I find writing in a conceptual format a lot of fun because you have a set form before you hit the drawing board. Stinke's beats are hella visual, so it was easy for me to create a lyrical landscape to compliment his production. With battle lyrics, you have to focus more on being clever and cutting / abrasive rather than painting a picture.

SLAP: How do you fight a supercomputer?

TAJAI: We program these things. We just have to master ourselves, our communication, logic, and philosophy. We also have to tap into our emotional intelligence / instincts and beat it with that sh*t.

SLAP: If you could implement a function of a robot into your being, what would it be?

TAJAI: I would program my brain to be able to decipher all forms of communication (mental, visual, physical, sonic, etc.)

SLAP: Do you think robots will ever fight back and eat us?

TAJAI: "The Machines Will Rise Up and Overthrow Their Creators" - Last Emperor. One luv!

Colm (Artist)

SLAP: Did you have any interesting approaches to creating the art for this project, since it is the visual incarnation of an audible project?

COLM: Stinke and I developed an approach that was comfortable for the project. Stinke had a fairly good idea of the feel for the characters and he would hit me up with ideas and we'd bounce them back and forth before deciding on a solution. Since the project had a concept and storyline complete with characters and voices to go along with them, it wasn't all that difficult. I'm a big fan of comic books and anime, and I've done my share of character design before this, so it was bread and butter. Well, maybe not that easy. It started as me just doing the SUPREMEeX character and turned into this full-blown production.

SLAP: Did you listen to the project while drawing?

COLM: Definitely. I tried to picture the characters and the vibe they were giving off. I also had some idea of what other musical influences Stinke had in this project and used those as a base to work with as well.

SLAP: If you could implement a function of a robot into your being, what would it be?

COLM: Rechargeable batteries.

-Interview by N. Denver


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