SUPREMEeX is a Philadelphia-based producer stacking his chips and eating swordfish. He built this webpage for you so you can check out all the lovely sounds and visuals. So drop him a line and buy some of his stoof.  

Released: July 1998 (Promo. CD) / February 1999 (Cass.)
LABEL: Digital Marsupial

01: When Yards Are Unkempt & Devastation Is Bright
02: Pre-Destructive Sunset (A Love Story)
03: 74 Degrees
04: Seben Dowallas
05: Elderly Contemplation / Elegant Bombing
06: Elegant Bombing Pt. II
07: Dimensional Space Reverb
08: Sinister WAN (The Escape)
09: Battle For Andromayde
10: To That One (Babee Go to Sleep)
11: Stereophonic Apogee
12: Electric Groove Stand

Originally released on Compact Disc as "Destructor" in 1998, and re-released as a promotional cassette in 1999 under the title, "Destructor+", this album was the first release under the "SUPREMEeX" moniker

The Destructor+ album added 2 additional songs, and received far more coverage than the CD which was originally pressed to be distributed only at the CMJ showcase in New York City, 1998.

From the cassette, many unions were formed between myself and industry heavyweights such as Hieroglyphics / Souls of Mischief, Bobitto Footwork Illadelph, Electronic Arts and more. It's quite safe to say this album started it all. Still looking to get it a proper release. It's currently out of print.