SUPREMEeX is a Philadelphia-based producer stacking his chips and eating swordfish. He built this webpage for you so you can check out all the lovely sounds and visuals. So drop him a line and buy some of his stoof.  

Released: November 2002 (Vinyl 7", 33.3RPM)
LABEL: Arrakis Records

Side A: 640 Caravans Making Right Turns
Side B: Angelic Groove

The "Koyaanisqatsi" 7" vinyl release was intended as a treat to all the fans who had been waiting for new material since the "PROJECTO:2501" album 2 years prior. The 7" record consisted of songs compiled between 1999 & 1998, respectively (A-B). The record's additional intentions were to reintroduce the SUPREMEeX sound as new full lengths were being prepared for 2003.

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"Angelic Groove" MP3

(6M, 4:29min.)

"640 Caravans Making
Right Turns " MP3

(5.2M, 4:09min.)