SUPREMEeX is a Philadelphia-based producer stacking his chips and eating swordfish. He built this webpage for you so you can check out all the lovely sounds and visuals. So drop him a line and buy some of his stoof.  

Released: November 8, 2005
LABEL: Rumble Pack

SupremeEx and Tajai (Souls of Mischief, Hieroglyphics) reunite for the first time since their 1999 EP release, Projecto: 2501 with an all-new full length album about Chaos, Prophecy and Change.

Tajai is a deity who wields the power of Creation and returns to a world he once birthed to leisurely play with the fates of its inhabitants. But there are powers even beyond those of the deity, and as a Prophecy comes true, chaos ensues.

Featuring the single, "Meaning" with songstress Goapele, Nuntype is a full-length album with Tajai on rhymes, SupremeEx on beats and an entirely realized, fictional world created to consume its listeners.

The first 1,000 copies of Nuntype feature special, limited edition digipack packaging at absolutely no extra cost.


01. Prelude
02. The Jagged Edged Genesis
03. Millions of Fishies
04. Formless
05. NUN
06. Cleanup March
07. Baboo Birth
08. Hemingway
09. Meaning (feat. Goapele)
10. Cacophony Carknock
11. Babadoo