SUPREMEeX is a Philadelphia-based producer stacking his chips and eating swordfish. He built this webpage for you so you can check out all the lovely sounds and visuals. So drop him a line and buy some of his stoof.  

Released: November 28, 2006
LABEL: Rumble Pack

Tajai of Souls of Mischief and producer SupremeEx floored fans and critics with the release of their full-length vocal album, Nuntype in 2005.

Following up on his phenomenal production, SupremeEx has released the full instrumental version of Nuntype entitled, Nuntype: The Instrumentals, complete with over 40 minutes of extended versions and all new unreleased material.

Released exclusively online in digital MP3 format, Nuntype: The Instrumentals is available for download on iTunes, Napster, Verizon VCast, E-Music and more to be announced.


01. Prelude
02. The Jagged Edged Genesis
03. Millions of Fishies
04. Formless
05. NUN
06. Cleanup March
07. Baboo Birth (Extended)
08. Hemingway
09. Meaning (Extended)
10. Cacophony Carknock
11. Babadoo (Extended)
12. Elena (Unreleased)