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Released: September 2004
LABEL: HipHopSite Recordings

Track 16: Meaning (Featuring Goapele & Tajai)

Every month HipHopSite.com releases a compilation CD featuring some of the hottest new artists on hiphop's horizon. Entitled, Preemptive Hype, the CD is given away for free with every order placed online at HipHopSite.com.

Closing off Preemptive's "Volume 3.5" (Sept. 2004) edition was a hitherto unreleased song called "Meaning" from the forthcoming SupremeEx & Tajai album, Nuntype.

Subtly transitioning listeners into the inevitable ending of the compilation (featured prominently as the last song on the disc) the track features a soulful Goapele singing throughout, as Tajai rips pertinent word wizardry with equally introspective *ahem* meaning. Of course, the track was produced by yours truly, and gives some insight into what to expect from Nuntype.