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Released: November 1999 (Vinyl) / April 2000 (CD)
LABEL: Clear Label Records / Hieroglyphics Imperium

Layer 01: Authentic Intelligence
Layer 02: Origin of Fable
Layer 03: Contact (ft. Shing02, Major Terror & DJ Nozawa)
Layer 04: Digidestruction (ft. DJ Low Budget)
Layer 05: Conceptualize (ft. Jay Biz)
Layer 06: Fluid Motion

 Fluid Motion - 5M | 5:30 minutes

Tajai (Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics) is The Entity lifeform. Born within The Circuit, The Entity gains sentience and begins a destructive warpath to cross over into the "Real" world. Burdened by his lack of faith in the Human species, The Entity must destroy life as a means to preserve it.

Featuring the guest talents of Shing02, Low Budget (Hollertronix) & Major Terror, PROJECTO was a very complex, time-consuming and information-packed album to make, even with only 6 songs to its credit. We set out to bridge mediums through Visual Arts, Audio & enhanced content such as the CD-ROM and website. Included with every CD & vinyl record were 2 randomly packaged trading cards, out of a set of 4, further chronicling the backstory of the album's main characters. It was no small feat, and took 2 years to fully realize. Ironically, given the album's subject content, the project was entirely conducted through the Internet with only SUPREMEeX & Tajai meeting once to mix the final recording.

PROJECTO's subject matter is very contemporary. The number in the album's title has nothing to do with a year. The subject matter is all very "here and now". It was never conceived to be "futuristic". Check out our "XLR8R" cover story written by Pete Babb to get further insight into what we attempted to do (click here).

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