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Released: June 2003 (CD)
LABEL: Hieroglyphics Imperium

Track 9: Authentic Intelligence

"Tajai from the mighty Souls of Mischief gives you a taste of what was, what is, and what will be with a little help from DJ Apollo (ISP, Triple Threat)."

Tajai's "Sleeping Giant" CD on Hiero Imperium debuted in June 2003 to get the juices flowing in anticipation of his debut full-length release, "The Power Movement". The CD was mixed by Triple Threat's DJ Apollo and features the song, "Authentic Intelligence" produced by SupremeEx, from the collaborative "Projecto: 2501" record with Tajai.

As a side note, the song "Authentic Intelligence" was also featured on an Ecko Unltd. Clothing, Australian-only CD release entitled, "The Best Rappers You Never Heard of Pt. II."