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Added scans and copy from the Grandslam Magazine news blurb on Nuntype, including early concept art in Press.

Just mastered the first single from the forthcoming lp, "Nuntype." The single's a-side features Tajai & Goapele on a song called "Meaning." The b-side is a solo-Tajai track called "Hemmingway" & will also contain a non-album song called "Cycle 1." There are also instrumentals for both vocal tracks. Watch for it on Oot Bot Industries in early 2004.

Check for "Nuntype" in the News section of U.K. publication Grandslam Magazine (formerly Big Daddy) in the Autumn 2003 edition, in stores now.

"Nuntype" gets a blurb from Thick Magazine; Canada's longest running hiphop publication. Click here for short clip.

Voice Overs are back in the revamped Downloads section. These are mad funny. Step on through and take a look.

Here is a short movie of Tajai on tour adding some finishing touches to the forthcoming, "Nuntype" project. Thanks to Pharoahs World for filming. You'll need Quicktime 6: 2.4M Download.

A Discussion Board has been re-instated at projecto2501.com. Head over to talk about past and forthcoming project.

Added a Press section to the site featuring interviews, and reviews.

Added "Some of the Coolest Rappers" to the Releases section. Also added a mailing list function at bottom of homepage.

Added Tajai's, "Sleeping Giant" to the Releases section

SupremeEx & Tajai (Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics) have formally announced their forthcoming full-length release, "Nuntype" for commercial debut later this year. The duo worked together prior on 1999's, "Projecto:2501" album on CLR / Hieroglyphics Imperium.

Added two reviews to the "Koyaanisqtasi" 7" page. "URB" July 2003 and "XLR8R" January 2003. Thanks to the editors.

Little taste of what's in the works. More to be announced soon. Press inquiries, contact here.

My latest release is the limited edition "Koyaanisqatsi" 7" vinyl on Arrakis Records. Thanks to PCP & Colm Doherty in helping facilitate the 45's release. The response, especially abroad, has been phenomenal. 75% of the pressing sold overseas within a month of hitting store shelves. Much love and thanks to the distributors, buyers and listeners in making something like that happen. The speed was unexpected. You can grab yourself an all-new MP3 of the b-side track, "Angelic Groove" now at the Downloads page.

Coming up for 2003 are all new full-length releases. There will be more news on this shortly, but I can divulge Tajai is back on the forthcoming release, as well as a killer cut featuring Oakland's songstress, Goapele. It's one of those songs that makes a muhfucka wanna cry... Get to stepping around the site. Drop me an email if you dig any of this shit. One luv.

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